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You actually can't go wrong with any of our line-up, but we hope the below information
can be of some help.

Ahalo Butter series is created under the concept of infusing 5 moisturizing butters
consisting of shea, African mango, cacao, jojoba, murumuru, and raw collagen.
We called this the Ahalo blend and is our proprietary formula. No matter which hair care
line you choose, this Ahalo blend will deliver deep hydration and repair damages to its fullest.
Our best selling series! It is the most hydrating formula in our line-up. 
Amino acids, ceramides and other components work to deep repair damaged hair
and an abundant, 49 botanical oils and extracts provide ultimate hydration.
Hair is left manageable, soft, stronger, and healthier.
For: normal to severely damaged hair
Scalp: normal to dry
Finish: soft, healthy, moisturized, manageable hair

Deep cleanse scalp free from any dirt, oil, sebum, etc. with this ghassoul clay blended formula.
Ghassoul clay is known for its intense cleaning capability absorbing any impurities.
Delivers hydration to the scalp for a healthy, clean scalp environment while preventing
any odors. Hair damage is repaired and botanical extracts help keep hair smooth without
weighing hair down.
For: normal to damaged hair
Scalp: normal to oily
Finish: smooth, moisturized hair without being weighed down

Blended with an abundance of nature! With ingredients indigenous to Hawaii and 19
organic oils and extracts, along with Ahalo Buter's proprietary blend, hair is replenished
with plenty of moisture for an exceptional gloss and shine. Brings out hair's natural
beauty and restores a natural shine.
For: normal hair
Scalp: normal to dry
Finish: smooth, glossy, manageable hair
Our salon grade, premium line. Shampoo incorporates new concept of providing anti-aging
care for the scalp. Treatment (Conditioner) is infused with superfoods, ceramides,
hyaluronic acid, keratin and more to repair any hollows in the hair. Hair mask seals and
coats each hair with our 'aqua film' coating technology to retain shampoo & conditioner's works.
For: normal to severely damaged hair
Scalp: normal, oily or dry
Finish: smooth, sleek, manageable hair