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Ahalo Butter is a rich beauty line that carefully blends butters and oils picked from nature
and infused with our proprietary science components such as raw collagen, ceramides,
amino acids, etc.
Our Story
Ahalo Butter was developed in Hawaii in collaboration with hair stylists. Although
amassed with beautiful weather and landscape, Hawaii's strong, harmful UV rays were
causing irreversible damage to the hair. Our formula infused with rich botanical oils and
extracts restore each and every strand of hair to repair the cuticles and enhance shine
and softness at every wash. With this success in Hawaii, demands in Japan grew
quickly. Before we realized, Ahalo Butter became a big hit in Japan that it has now spread
into 19 countries with a strong focus in Asia.

Made in Nature ​
Only the finest, carefully selected ingredients harvested by nature are used in our
formula.​ We believe that along with science, the purity and grade of ingredients are
essential for a premium hair care line.
 Meaning behind Ahalo ​
Ahalo Butter works to restore each and every hair strand from the inside out by
replenishing the cuticles with plenty of moisture and nourishment and sealing and locking
them in for a soft, healthy, shiny, manageable and beautiful hair lasting all day long. ​When
hair is healthy and in its best condition, it shines from within, and naturally creates
‘a halo’, and that’s where its name came from.